Kennedy Meadows

A quick overnight trip with Brian and Kevin where the living was easy thanks to Brian's new truck/camper.  I rode my 600, Kevin tooled around on my 250, and Brian rode his 400.  We arrived at the camp around 2pm at 8500 feet deep in the Sequoia National Forest.  The first trail was a bit rough but eventually we found a long smooth trail.  A couple times I had to stop and take it all in.  Something about the angle of the sun and the trees and the long open meadows  took my breath away. I love riding in and around trees.

I cooked a chicken dinner then we sat around talking about why we didn't bring firewood.  The next day I rode in the back while laying down and watching vids on the ipad.  Way too much fun for just one day.

Base Camp


Yes that is a beauty shot of my bike