The Great Apple Depression

A few nights ago I found myself in an argument about the iPad. I was hearing the typical lines from the other party; "Its just a big ipod touch" and "why the hell would anyone want that". If you know me you know I drink the Cupertino kool-aid. I've been to every Macworld Expo since 1991, I detest the Windows operating system, and I have a storage unit with way too many old macs picked up off ebay.  After the arugument had fizzled and I failed to change the point of view of the other party I asked myself why I feel so strongly about defending Apple the way I do.

People who lived through The Great Depression of the 1930's had a much different view of the world from those born after it.  They would pass on these views of banks, and money, and economic survival to their children.  As an Apple product user since my father brought home the Apple II in 1981 I lived through the great Apple depression of the mid 90's when it was close to failure.   Michael Dell once had some harsh words for Apple while they were down but as of today the market cap of Apple is nearly 10 times that of Dell.  I now realize my compulsion to jump to the defense of Apple comes from  witnessing the company nearly die. 

Today over at TUAW there is a great post about critics predicting the failure of some now cornerstone Apple products. Two choice examples are the iMac and it's lack of a floppy drive and the 'just another mp3 player' iPod. After reading that post and writing this one I realize I can chill out on the defense of Apple.  They're gonna be fine, it's all good, there are Apple retail stores everywhere which by the way is another idea the critics thought would fail.

I won't be the first in line to buy an iPad but I'm pretty sure one will find its way to being useful in my life and the lives of millions.