An open letter to West LA Music

I left your store today with little no reason to ever return. I'm a self-employed audio professional with 2 Pro Tools HD2 systems, I currently mix multiple cable shows, and I love what I do.

I thought of you guys while brainstorming how to improve workflow for a customer. The only benefit you provide over the faceless yet very reliable internet specialists is that customers can walk in there and put their hands on your inventory. We can ask questions and get answers. I went in there today ready to buy whatever you told me could work.

I had a basic idea of what I needed and was looking for you to help me focus on the right software. Salesman A asked Salesman B who then asked Salesman C.

My frustration was building because from all three I got blank stares instead of '"Let me show you some things that might help". I got a little more focused in my questioning about how to integrate the software into my workflow and was shocked to hear the following from Salesman C: "its easy just Google it"

STILL not ready to walk out I ask if I can be shown some of the options mentioned. I was led to two different computers but nothing was working right or loading properly and at this point I threw in the towel.

I left having wasted my time. YOU wasted my time and now I'm done with you. Next time I'll google it and youtube it and do the research myself. The benefit of having a place right down the street where I can see, touch, and buy is no longer worth the 10 minute drive. Sweetwater Sound is on the other side of the country but every time I've asked them a question I've been enthusiastically given answers and options.

If you drive people back to the google search box how will you stay in business?

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Best of Luck,

Sean O'Brien